Sigma Kappa

Alumnae Experience

Alumnae Experience

Maggie McAdams, Fall '14

“When I came to Tech, I knew no one and was really struggling to find my place. The moment I stepped into Sigma Kappa, I knew the girls were different than anywhere else.
My four years in house gave me more than I could ever have asked for. My sisters have cheered me on through the mountains and have held my hands through the valleys! I can honestly say that I cannot imagine my life without these women who constantly strive to live one heart, one way! They have made college everything I dreamed about and more!”

Kaitlyn Flieg Fall '14

"I never thought joining a sorority would have such an important impact on my life. I knew going into it, Sigma Kappa would bring me life long friends and great memories, but what I did not expect was the impact she had on my life after college.

Sigma Kappa helped me develop leadership skills and responsibility which I am able to utilize daily. Simple things like paying dues, dressing up for meetings, and adhering to deadlines are significant factors which assisted in preparing me for 'the real world.' Sigma Kappa has also encouraged me to develop a serving heart and learn how to get out my comfort zone.

I can never fully express how much Sigma Kappa has given me nor can I ever begin to repay her. I wish everyone an experience in an organization that offers so much to its members while asking for hardly anything in return."

Kailey Mataconis Fall '14

"I decided to attend Louisiana Tech, five hours away from home, to get a fresh start. When I joined Sigma Kappa, I got so much more than that. I found women that laughed and cheered with me through the good times, cried with me through the bad, and then helped pick me up afterwards. I never thought that I would find not just friends but sisters that are going to stand by me in my upcoming wedding! Now that college is over, I miss my days in Sigma Kappa more than you can imagine. It taught me things that I didn’t know about myself, helped me grow into the woman I am today, and gave me the tools to succeed in life. I will forever be grateful to Sigma Kappa and always Live with Heart."

Sarah Hodge, Fall '14

"Sigma Kappa definitely made a significant impact on my life. I joined Sigma Kappa as a shy freshman and grew to become a confident and strong woman by my senior year. Sigma Kappa’s values helped to mold me so I could reach my full potential. This would have not been possible without the encouragement and the support of my amazing sisters. They saw things in me that I did not see in myself. I will forever be indebted to this sorority for giving me sisters who embody Sigma Kappa’s values of friendship, loyalty, service, and personal growth. I now have my dream job as a teacher where I have met Sigma Kappa alums. They have helped, encouraged, and supported me even though we are several years a part in age. This immediate bond I had with these fellow sisters is something I can’t even begin to explain. Sigma Kappa really is more than just four years…it’s for life. I will be forever proud to call myself a Sigma Kappa."

Jessica Fitts, Fall '12

"Sigma Kappa was the perfect fit for me because my sisters were genuine, diverse, and down-to-earth. Louisiana Tech was four hours away from my hometown, but I always felt that I had somewhere to call 'home' in Sigma Kappa, and I still do. 

Sigma Kappa gave me life-long friends, intramural sports teammates and championships, Greek Week victories, and rewarding philanthropic experiences. Throughout college, law school, and now as a practicing attorney, I am proud to call myself a Sigma Kappa. I will forever be grateful for Beta Epsilon and all it gave me."


Lindsey Lewis, Fall 2000

“Joining Sigma Kappa is one of the best things I did in college. I was able to meet people from all over and make life-long friends. Having various leadership roles during my collegiate years as a Sigma Kappa has given me the confidence to make new friends, network, and even start my own small business! After college, I traveled around Europe with a Sigma Kappa sister and were able to affiliate with the European Alumnae Chapter and we still keep up with them even after 15 years. Sigma Kappa is such a treasure to me! I hope my daughter wants to join this lifetime of sisterhood!”