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Parent FAQ

Parent FAQ

What is the time commitment like?

There is a time commitment for our members, but there are so many benefits.  Just a few of these include networking and leadership opportunities, academic support, and lifelong friendships!  Many of our girls come here knowing very few people, and Sigma Kappa gives them a chance to break out of their shell and become a successful student.  As a chapter, we believe you get out of this what you put into it, so we always encourage our sisters to get involved on campus and in Sigma Kappa.

We do hold some events that are encouraged, but not required to attend.  However, we do have some events like our weekly chapter meetings, and our Founder's Day celebration that are mandatory to attend.  We place a high importance on academics, and know that they should come first.  We hold study events for sisters to gain their study hours each week based on their GPA.  We also have quarterly GPA goals for our chapter, so that our sisters can support each other and hold us accountable.  Each quarter, we have events supporting our philanthropies.  You can read more about Sigma Kappa's philanthropies on our philanthropy page!  We also offer many volunteer and service opportunities throughout the school year.  Each sister is asked to complete a minimum of 10 service hours per quarter, which can easily be done with the opportunities offered through Sigma Kappa and on campus.

Is there an academic requirement?

Yes, we require each member to maintain a minimum quarterly GPA of 2.5 in order to remain in good standing.  If a member falls below this minimum, she will participate in an academic agreement.  She will receive guidance from a member of our scholarship committee.  A member who falls below our minimum GPA will be required to complete a set number of study hours per week and log them with our scholarship committee.  Sigma Kappa recognizes that education is the primary purpose of attending college, and we strive to provide resources to our members to help them reach their academic goals.

What are the financial responsibilities?

Sigma Kappa is a non-profit corporation that relies on national fees from its members to finance operational expenses and chapter services.  You can read more about those fees on our national website.  Your daughter will be provided a general explanation of fees during recruitment.  She will also be given a more in-depth explanation of our financial responsibilities should she join the Beta Epsilon chapter of Sigma Kappa.  We understand that sorority expenses can seem overwhelming at first, but it is manageable.  If necessary, she can meet with our Vice President of Finance to set up a payment plan.

What about after my daughter graduates?

After graduation, your daughter has the opportunity to remain involved in the organization for years to come. With over 165,000 members worldwide and 106 alumnae chapters in 34 states, your daughter has the opportunity to connect with women wherever she goes in the coming years. Alumnae membership looks different for each of our members. Some are involved in an alumnae chapter that meets regularly for activities and service events while others are advisors for a local chapter. Our members are able to continue their personal and professional development with Sigma Kappa through social and philanthropic activities with other alumnae members. The possibilities are endless and her Sigma Kappa involvement can and will look different over time based on her life experiences at the time.


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